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Global Mushrooms was established with safety in mind. Our founders, saw safety as a principle objective which they built the company around. That is why we’ve made significant investments in our growing houses, equipment and training to maintain our stellar food safety record. Using a Farm to Fork approach, here are the systems we voluntarily put into place well in advance of USDA and FDA requirements:

  1. To ensure safety and consistency, we have a comprehensive HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program as well as a Traceback Program.
  2. We implement GAPs (Good Agricultural Practices) to assess environmental factors and closely monitor our mushrooms throughout the entire growing process from composting and spawning to casing and pinning and finally, harvesting.
  3. We’ve implemented and maintain the highest level of GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices).
  4. We have consistently received some of the highest scores in the industry from both customer and independent 3rd party audits.
  5. We are committed both to excellence and continuous improvement in all of our quality management programs.
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quality assurance

safeguarding your food

  • HACCP program
  • GAPs (good agrigcultural practices)
  • GMPs (good manufacturing practices)
  • highest 3rd party audit scores
  • committed to excellence

Handled with care and cleanliness

Hand-harvesting mushrooms is an art. It is also a labor of love. At Global Mushrooms, we hand-harvest, cool and ship our mushrooms with the goal of same day shipping, guaranteeing the freshest mushrooms available.

Picked with care directly from the surface of the peat moss layer, our mushrooms are trimmed and carefully inspected before gently placed cap-side-up into boxes or pre-packed tilts. This gentle approach ensures the quality and freshness of each mushroom throughout the packing process.

In addition to handling our mushrooms with a delicate touch, we take great measure to ensure they are clean and safe. As part of our rigorous HACCP protocols, not only are our growing rooms and equipment extremely clean, but also all of our employees follow strict food safety protocols and inspections.

While hand-harvesting mushrooms is very labor intensive, we feel that when done with safety and quality in mind, it is the gentlest and best method of handling premium mushrooms.

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