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Global Mushrooms is a premiere, state-of-the-art mushroom growing facility located in Gilroy, California. We specialize in the production of many distinct varieties of restaurant grade mushrooms including: white button, crimini and portabella. Owned in partnership by Alice Chiala, Frank Gogliano Jr. and Sylvan Rosenzweig -- individuals from three long-time Santa Clara County families -- our guiding principles (innovation, food safety, employee safety, quality, efficiency and versatility) help us grow the finest quality mushrooms available.

We pride ourselves on being both stewards of the land and our local community, proactively finding ways to lessen our already very small carbon footprint by reducing energy usage, recycling gray water and donating compost to neighboring farms.

We also take great pride in our stellar workforce. Offering a healthy and safe work environment, outstanding benefits and generous compensation (our base compensation is well above California’s minimum wage), we’ve cultivated a family atmosphere and have many employees who have been with us since our company’s inception.

Above all else, we are especially proud of our customer-centered approach to everything that we do. From our versatility and ability to fulfill a wide assortment of custom suited orders to the exceptional quality and manner in which our mushrooms are gently handled and delivered, we cater to the most discerning customers.


Global Mushrooms was founded in 2002 by the late food innovator, George Chiala, of GC Farms. Chiala saw an opportunity to employ his knowledge of both farming and food processing to save a then struggling mushroom farm. To bring his dream to fruition, he assembled a partnership of forward-thinkers and hired one of the industry’s top mushroom growers to manage it. This new team set out to rebuild the farm and transform it into a state-of-the-art mushroom growing facility.

Throughout the past 15 years, the Global Mushrooms management team has continued to reinvest profits back into the company to improve the facility by replacing old wood infrastructure with stainless steel and by building all-new growing green houses. They’ve made other significant investments in innovation by improving growing processes, increasing efficiency as well as by refining employee training programs. Due to this steadfast dedication to quality, the company now prides itself on providing not only a very safe environment for employees, but also an extremely safe, healthy and clean environment in which to grow superior quality mushrooms.

In 2016, Chiala’s daughter, Christi Becerra, joined the Global Mushrooms team as Executive Manager to continue her father’s vision. Becerra brings extensive experience in both finance and business management, having previously worked as CFO at Terrapin Systems and as a VP at Silicon Valley Bank. Under Becerra’s leadership, the management team is confident that her father’s passion for innovation will live on not only as a goal, but also as a way of life at Global Mushrooms.

our guiding principles

  • innovation
  • food safety
  • employee safety
  • quality
  • efficiency
  • versatility
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